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Our Real Estate & Facilities Management Service Provider market information is organized along the following 19 industry verticals. Select one or several industries to view a list of Providers supporting these industry verticals.
All Service Provider profiles were researched and developed by Agile OAK. Enhanced profiles have had additional direct input from the profiled Providers.
1 Correctional Institutions Detention Centers, Prisons
2 Cultural Institutions Art Galleries, Cultural Centers, Museums
3 Defense Military Bases, Military Family Housing, Military Hospitals
4 Education Schools, Colleges, Universities, Daycare Centers, Dormitories
5 Entertainment & Events Sports Arenas, Sports Facilities, Event & Conference Centers
6 Financial Services Financial Institutions, Banks, Credit Unions, Insurance
7 Food & Beverages Food & Beverages Manufacturing, Food Processing
8 Government & Non-Profit Federal & Local Government, Municipalities, Government Agencies
9 Health Care Hospitals, Medical Offices, Commercial Labs, Nursing Homes
10 Hospitality Hotels, Resorts
11 Life Sciences Pharmaceutical, Bio-sciences, Medical Devices
12 Multi-tenant Property Hi-Rise, Office Buildings
13 Manufacturing & Assembly Assembly Lines, Machine Shops
14 Processing Chemical Plants, Oil Refineries, Mining, Pulp & Paper Plants
15 Religious Institutions Churches, Temples
16 Remote Site Services Remote Camps, Offshore Facilities
17 Retail Malls, Strip Malls, Gas Stations, Dealerships, Franchises, Stores
18 Technology Data Centers, Semi-conductors, Telecommunications
19 Transportation Airports, Ports, Railroad Stations