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Managing Risk in Facilities Management Outsourcing

by Michael Redding, Managing Director, Agile OAK

  • This viewpoint article is a streamlined version of Agile OAK’s peer reviewed whitepaper of the same title.  The risks and mitigation strategies associated with Integrated Facility Management (IFM) outsourcing are discussed. A systematic approach is taken through each phase of IFM outsourcing including; preparation, Service Provider selection, deal structure & negotiation, transition, transformation and post deal Service Provider governance. Strategies for risk management are discussed, and the provided checklist summarize the essential activities.

    The companion webcast presentation discusses the key concepts of the whitepaper.  Our technology solution allows you to control the pace and flow of the webcast to best suit your requirements.
  • This viewpoint article has been translated into Portuguese and published by Brazil's Infra magazine. The translated article is available by following the link below.

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