As the market for Facilities Management services continues to mature, the expectations on Facility Management Service Providers become increasingly demanding. Increased integration of services, enhanced performance & financial reporting, sustainability requirements and higher standards of operational excellence all must be delivered in an environment of relentless pressure for cost reduction.

The insights & experiences gained from over a decade of facilitating Facility Management Outsourcing, Benchmarking and in-house Organizational Development with some of the world’s most complex and demanding FM Clients are available to help forward thinking Service Providers wishing to extend and enhance their market competitiveness.

Market Neutrality Statement:

To preserve market neutrality Agile OAK does not support specific Service Provider pursuits, nor participate in the development of Service Provider bid documents. Agile OAK will execute mutual non-disclosure agreements as part of any engagement related to the services described in this section.

FM Trends and Opportunity Workshop   Request More Information  back

The Facility Management Industry continues to evolve at a rapid pace. Outsourcing deals are encompassing larger facility portfolios and requiring increasingly complex integration of services. Deal structures are transferring significant risk to Service Providers while commoditization of core services threatens margins.

The Facility Management Industry Trends and Opportunities Workshop helps Service Providers understand these trends and consider options to extend services in ways that enhance the Client’s perception of significant and sustainable value.

This session begins with an interactive presentation discussing past and emerging trends in the Facility Management Industry. Topics typically considered include:

  • Evolution of the facility owner’s FM organization
  • Maturity of the FM marketplace
  • Trends with regards to the evolution of the FM marketplace
  • The value proposition for the FM Service Provider of the future

This presentation is continually updated to reflect the most current market information. Subsequent to the presentation, Agile OAK will facilitate a workshop with The Service Provider’s team to examine opportunities to better capture potential business that may be available within existing client and industry segments. The emphasis will be on identifying value propositions which emphasize positioning the Service Provider as “Value Added”, by influencing the performance of the Client’s core business.

It is expected that this workshop will yield actionable opportunities for business expansion.

Structured Procurements: Strategies for Successful Pursuit   Request More Information  back

As Facility Management outsourcing initiatives get larger and more complex, opportunities are increasingly presented through structured, competitively bid, sourcing events. These opportunities are typically facilitated by either a procurement executive or an external consulting organization. These facilitators may or may not have prior Facility Management experience. Pursuit is expensive and seemingly minor miss-steps can be the difference between success and failure.

Agile OAK consultants have “360 degree experience” both leading and responding to these initiatives in the roles of Consultant, Procurement Executive, Facility Manager, Provider Business Development Executive & Provider Proposal Response Development. This experience has been aggregated to develop the “Structured Procurements: Strategies for Successful Pursuit” workshop.

The goal of the workshop is to help Service Providers develop winning strategies for structured procurements. This workshop will address specific issues such as:

  • Creating the perception of differentiation
  • Becoming an advisor during the procurement process
  • Mistakes that cost opportunities
  • Strategies for incumbent Service Providers
  • Strategies of successful Client interactions
  • Understanding the structure of the Client’s RFP
  • Roles of the Client team members : How decision making is influenced
  • Working successfully with Consultants

Agile OAK can provide specific case study examples for use during the workshop; otherwise Service Providers are welcome to submit examples of past or current pursuits which may be used as examples.

Facility Management Market Intelligence   Request More Information  back

In an evolving marketplace, accurate and timely market intelligence is essential to optimizing competitive positioning and capturing first mover advantage with new business opportunities. Agile OAK consulting services are founded on having the best Market Intelligence in the Facility Management Business. In addition to our Global Facility Management business News (unique in the industry) and commitment to ongoing market research, Agile OAK is pleased to offer customized FM market intelligence to providers of Facility Management services.

Market Intelligence engagements are customized to the needs of the specific engagement, but may include:

  • Facility Management trends & opportunities (focused on specific industry verticals or sectors)
  • Identification of key executives involved in Facility Management outsourcing decisions
  • Profiling target clients
  • Profiling Client perceptions of the Facility Management market place (within specific verticals or segments)
  • Opportunities to achieve competitive differentiation within an industry vertical

In most cases the results of Market Intelligence assignments are made available to our clients in the form of an online database. This not only allows our clients to provide access to multiple internal users, but also to use the on-line tools part as the nucleus of an in-house market intelligence function.

Facility Management Account Diagnostic   Request More Information  back

Our most valuable business is with our existing customers. Agile OAK’s Facility Management Account Diagnostic is designed to identify threats to the existing client relationship, resulting either from Service Provider-controllable issues (performance, communication, financial or administrative issues) or the changing business and competitive landscape.

Additionally, Agile OAK will assess opportunities to create greater Client value by enhancing or extending existing services.

This diagnostic is designed to be a “360 Degree Approach” which includes:

  • Evaluation of Client’s perceptions of performance
  • Operational evaluation of service delivery
  • Account relationship management review
  • Extended opportunity review

This diagnostic methodology will draw on Agile OAK’s experience performing similar diagnostic reviews at the behest of facility owners. Using the Facility Management Account Diagnostic to realign the relationship management and service delivery functions can stabilize “at risk” accounts and surface new opportunities within higher performing accounts.